Rent House: Part III

The one thing we had going for us in P's room when we moved in was a big window with lots of natural light...
I used her same bedding and scrounged up enough to make a collage wall above her bed. The thing I love about decorating kids' rooms is that you can use all their toys and books to decorate the space!
The banner is from her 2nd birthday and above it I strung birds from World Market. I made the silver wreath for Christmas and it now hangs over a piece of art a friend painted. I spray painted our sconces white and dolls and dinosaurs get swapped out regularly!
Across from the window I hung a mirror to reflect the light and added a few things that P likes. The pelican is an ink print that she helped Will make and we picked out the vintage car at the Guild Shop last week...
The bookshelves are still a bit of a mess but since they're constantly being rearranged I don't think there's much hope!
That's it for now!!
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