Ikea Trip!

SLOM Bottle with Stopper $3.99
We went to Ikea to stock up on drinking glasses yesterday and got majorly side-tracked. I had seen these glass bottles at brunch last weekend so we got one to keep in the fridge for chilling water. I spotted this HUGE chest that would be great for toys, blankets, a side table, or as a cooler for entertaining!!
I was excited to see these curtains back in stock (still not online) in case I need extra fabric to match Frederick's baby bedding. Thinking about getting one of these striped plant pots for future toys/balls/train sets:
We also went for pillow inserts for P's nap mat but forgot my measurements. I'm using an old duvet cover we already have (tutorial coming soon) but loved these!
Nothing like waiting until the week before school starts!!

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cindy gatewood said...

I have been eyeing that chest from Ikea (via Pinterest) for a while.
Glad to know it's still available!