Chic Mama

Sorry for the blogging hiatus, I wanted to pop in and share my new tumblr! I'm endlessly inspired by other moms and their style, so now all the images I love are in one place. Click on images to follow the accompanying articles and websites!


Jackie said...

Love the pics and you should include photos of yourself!

Nachett said...

Hi Jenna,
I have to inform you that the picture of the girl walking down the street in Paris has copyright. Anyway you don´t need to eliminate it if the title (Dans la rue), the name of the author (Nacho Rasc√≥n) and the link to Flickr is shown: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nachett/6679227705/
Thank you

JWK said...

Thanks! I'll update the post!

Nachett said...

Lots of thanks!
I'm glad you like the pic!!
Nice blog btw :)