Tie Headbands!

I came up with the Liberty of London tie headbands out of total desperation. A few months ago I got a horrible haircut, and the only things that would keep my hair back were bobby pins and my fabric headbands. I tied one on Lela while I was changing her diaper and she loved it!!!
I also found this picture of me and Pearl at the beach ...
And came up with these!
The Liberty cottons are so fabulous- pictures don't really do them justice!! The best part is that Lela barely notices when she has one on, since they're so soft and light weight. 
They come in 2 sizes (0-6 months) above and (6-12+ months) below:
There's no perfect way to tie it, especially on a moving target, but that's what I love about them! You can untie it completely to readjust and there's a few inches of elastic so it slides on and off easily. 
Now when people peek in the stroller there's no question if it's a boy or a girl!!!
Above she's wearing the 0-6 months (she's 5 months and has a small head) and below I was testing out the 6-12 months, so you can see the difference in sizes. If you like a bigger bow, just size up!
I'd love to see how your little ones wear their JWK goods!!! Share your photos on Instagram with hashtag #SHOPJWK and be sure to follow me @SHOPJWK to get special sales and offers!
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