Instant Gratification!!

One of the fastest ways I like to change things up around the house or in my wardrobe is to simply switch up the color! Dyeing is such an inexpensive way to give textiles new life. For this block print tablecloth, the original white and green color way didn't work well in our new house, so it had been tucked away collecting dust.
 {The original version in our old dining room}
I still loved the pattern of the block print, but the white was looking worn out and I couldn't get pink and green out of my head!!
{Petal Pink Rit Dye}
I let the washer fill up with water, soaked the tablecloth so it got evenly wet, and poured the whole bottle of dye in for the soak/wash cycle. Since I didn't want the color to fade or lighten, I hung it up to dry and put it right on my round table. I love seeing the little bit of pink tucked in the corner!!

If you're dyeing a fabric with any color in the background, I like to make sure that it plays nicely with the new dye color.I love the combination of pink and green in all different shades, so I went for the petal pink!!
{Our house via A Well Collected Home}

Another fun print I've dyed is this classic blue and white Waverly toile with Teal Rit Dye.
In our old bedroom, I made "drapes" with fake pinch pleats and curtain rod clips...
The wicker chest was a white hand-me-down that I spray-painted black and updated with gold pulls from Anthropologie
{Our room tour featured on Little Green Notebook}
{A pillow in my mother-in-law's bedroom}

Purple is one of my favorite colors to dye, because it has so many wonderful shades to play around with. For Christmas a few years ago, I dyed strips of silk and sewed them together to create an ombre effect... 
And topped it off with silk flowers!!
Yesterday I pulled out a few of the girls' white dresses that had noticeable stains and did a quick dye bath on the stove.
{Cheap pot I bought at Wal-Mart}
 I filled the pot up with enough water to soak both dresses, then set them aside while I figured out the shade of purple I wanted... 
I love how the embroidery and gold specks turned out with the purple!! 
Perfect with Annie's little red ballet flats for Valentine's Day :)
A worn-out cream Madewell cardigan I dyed coral-- this post has lots of helpful dyeing tips!!
This summer we played around with tie-dye, which the kids loved!! We used cheap white sheets from Target for P's camp sheets in various colorways...
{Tulip Tye Dye Kit from Michael's}
This white tee had seen better days, so Lela tie-dyed it by herself and it was so cute with a simple white linen skirt!
The options are ENDLESS with dyeing, you just have to go for it!! xoxo

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