When it comes to cocktail attire for weddings and events, my least favorite thing is last minute shopping. There's nothing worse than splurging on something you aren't crazy about just because you've run out of time. Add a cranky 2 year old in the mix, and it's a shopping nightmare. The last time it happened, I ended up in a white dress at a wedding (still sorry about that Julie) and I promised to not let it happen again. Now I stock up on shoes and accessories that go with any outfit, rain or shine. I also have a number of black dresses that can be belted, hemmed, or brooched to give them a new look. I recently wore this floral dress to a wedding and already had earrings, a clutch, and black pumps that worked. Of course I had my eye on a pair of new pumps, but I avoided a mad dash to the Galleria and didn't have to drag P along with me. Success!!

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Julie and Luke said...

Hahah! I don't care even a little bit! You are so funny. Please forget about that and don't worry your pretty little head... I actually kind of loved that you did so because you looked HOT in that dress! Plus, I always find myself wanting to wear cream to a wedding, and I'm glad you wore what worked! xoxoxo