Rent House: Part IV

The blue and pink bathroom...
The hall bathroom was a tricky color combination to work around. My mother-in-law treated us to two rolls of fabulous wallpaper which I 'hung' with thumbtacks. It's amazing what wallpaper can do to a small space!! Our rug (that was previously in our hallway) is the perfect length of the bathroom.
"Tis she who makes your home sweet home, Your life's most precious Pearl"
The vanity stool tucks under the counter and doubles as a spot for guests to do makeup and for me to sit while I give P a bath. The old heaters aren't in use so I tucked a piece of grasscloth behind and now it's a bookshelf!
The master bathroom...
There isn't much wall space to cover in ours, so I hung art and called it a day!!

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Anonymous said...

Those ac/fans vents in your bathrooms are actually heaters. My grandmother still has them in her house. You light a match and drop it in, then turn the dial on the right bottom side. It is awesome in the winter.

JWK said...

Thanks for pointing that out!! Will update the post. I wish ours worked!!

gaurav said...

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