Displaying Kid Art

Ever since Pearl was old enough to start finger painting, I've tried to incorporate some kind of art into our everyday routine. While I cook dinner, doodling at the doctor's office, sending homemade cards in the mail, etc. I love to display it in unexpected ways, and I think with the right medium it doesn't have to dominate your decor. She did the 3 trees above with a gold paint pen, which I added to our gallery wall in the living room. 
 When my Lulu and Jack calendar ran out, I talked her into painting me something for each month. I pulled out all my favorite colors and she came up with the rest. (The cake is for Pops' birthday!) I love water color pencils (and paper) for things like this because they can go back over them with water and a paint brush if they want. 
We did an Oil Paintstik on plywood for The Nursery which is also really fun to use...
And you can't go wrong with watercolors- I'm thinking about ordering 4 Muji Acrylic Frames for these that I can easily swap out...
P is really into stamps right now, so we've been using them for gift wrapping with Postal Paper and for her Valentines with heat embossing.
For kids' spaces, I love the freedom of displaying their artwork with tape, magnets, and push pins. I think it's important that it lacks structure and doesn't have to be too perfect or precious!!
Artwork above an upholstered headboard.

When it comes to purchasing art for kids' spaces, I think it should be something playful that also reflects your own personal style. Here's a few of my favorites:
(Prints starting at $25)

Eric Carle Art, Prints, and Posters

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