Rent House: Part V

When we moved in, the dining room was a big red eye sore. Luckily a few coats of paint and a new chandelier did wonders and it's actually turned out to be one of my favorite rooms in the house.
It's a completely different feel than we had going on in our old dining room but I love the new color scheme.
As for the awkward, off-centered window, we hung the other pair of greek key curtains to match the living room.
Finally ready for a dinner party!!
(Rent House: Part I, II, III, and IV)


Mom said...

What a transformation!

cindy gatewood said...

Jenna...I am WOWED by the before and after pics. You should be doing this for a living..ha ha
Very pretty room you turned it
in to!

holiday house south of france said...

I am reallu Impressed on these pictures.Gentle color scheme looks beautiful.